It. Was. Deafening. And it was very, very cool. I was a little kid when the Kentucky Governor's Race set up its base of operations 40 years ago on the Owensboro riverfront.

I was seven years old in 1973 and didn't much care who won the Kentucky Governor's Race. Heck, I didn't even know what it WAS.

What I knew was that there was a regatta on the river downtown and I wondered how any of the preachers north of 18th Street were going to get anyone to hear their sermons that Sunday.

Yes, it was THAT loud.

No, all I cared about was that there were really cool boats called hydroplanes flying down the river at speeds I'd never before seen and that they all looked like space ships.

Now, I'm not sure how it worked out that I actually got to watch this race, because we simply did not miss church come Sunday morning. So we must've gone down there afterward.

But I remember it. And I loved it. And I love that Terry Herring and Unlimiteds Detroit converted home movie footage of the event into a YouTube video.

It's also fun to spot buildings and structures that still exist today--the American Legion Post for example.

Man, this takes me back!