It's no secret that I'm a Florida Georgia Line fan, I have been since the first time I heard "Cruise". I love their music, style and quite honestly, they're just really nice guys. So, I was naturally excited to chat with them this morning about their upcoming show at The Ford Center in February, new music and what the heck BK just got tattooed on his arm, haha!

Warning... Tyler sounds like he's dying, but he's gonna be alright. Haha! Take a listen as we chat about their latest music project and awards shows...

Now, for the fun stuff... listen as we chat about tattoos (and who they may be for!), football and their party shows!

So, just for fun, here's a picture of BK's latest ink and a pic of his beautiful girlfriend... what do y'all think?!? I for sure see the similarities!


I know where I'll be on February 14th... not cozied up with some handsome fella (unless y'all know of someone, ha!), but I'll be at The Ford Center in Evansville, rockin it out with Tyler and BK!