It's always frustrating when someone is sitting at a green light or weaving in their traffic lane and the reason behind such behavior is cell phone usage.

But here's why I stopped using my phone altogether while driving.

The last time I did it, it occurred to me when my conversation was finished that I couldn't recall how I had gotten from where I started to my destination. I had no recollection of it at all. And that bothered me. So that was it. I pull over, now, if that's feasible. If it isn't, the caller gets voice mail.

I said all that to say all this.

There's a man in Florida who is so frustrated with fellow drivers texting or talking on their phones while driving that he resorted to doing something illegal.

For two years, Jason R. Humphreys of Tampa was using a cell phone jammer, which prevented anyone from using their phones when they were nearby.

Since there are currently no laws about phone usage while driving in Florida, that's illegal.

And Humphreys got hammered for it.

While I appreciate how he feels, I do not condone his actions. There are emergency vehicles whose transmission capabilities could have been hampered.

Not good.