Sure, they play the game from November until (hopefully) April. But Big Blue Nation never stops thinking about Wildcat basketball. Even the smallest item about Kentucky magnifies a hundredfold in the minds of the average 'Cat fan. And so far, this off-season hasn't disappointed.

It began immediately with the Josh Harrellson Bluegrass Tour and his recent comments about center Enes Kanter's eligibility. Then former Indiana and Texas Tech head coach Bob Knight got in on the act with some erroneous comments about UK's 2010 Elite Eight team. The legendary coach has since apologized. And now, the biggest and most highly anticipated news of all. Kentucky's Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, and Deandre Liggins have all declared for the NBA draft. But they haven't hired an agent, allowing them the opportunity to return to the team by the May 8th deadline if they change their minds. It's the University of Kentucky Basketball Off-Season Roulette Wheel. Where it stops, nobody knows. Thing is, it doesn't stop.