It's out - "Foreverly" a new album of old, old country songs by Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones. Billie Joe, former singer with Green Day, discovered the Everly Brothers album "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us" about two years ago. He became such a fan he thought he'd record the entire album. Norah joined him on the CD after his wife suggested her for his singing partner. I've listened to snippets from the new version and being familiar with the original I kind of expected more. Some of the songs are spot on but others could have used a little tempo.  Back in the day these songs were written to be performed with a rhythm, even if the lyrics were sad.

Don and Phil Everly were one of the hottest acts in country and pop music in the 50's and 60's. The album was a tribute to their father, Ike, who lived in Brownie, KY., which was later incorporated into Central City, in Muhlenberg County where the boys were born. They grew up listening to Ike and their mom, Margaret, sing these old folk songs.

Give a listen to the snippets at If you like 'em you can buy the whole thing, or better yet, the original.