I've wanted to write a post about planking for a while, but all that changed last night.  Yes, I'm still happy in my new apartment, but the loft stairs finally got the better of me. It's funny, because when I moved in, my brother-in-law took one look at the stairs and he said was scared for me.  You see, the bulk of my living space, including the bathroom, is downstairs.  He suggested I get one of those mats to put at the end, like this one:

Of course I laughed all this off, because that's just silly!  Oh boy!  So here's the set-up.  I went upstairs to change, the TV was on and let me state for the record I have a lot of shows to watch on Monday nights, in fact, I totally forgot about one.  So far, I've been kind of running down my stairs and I've been successful, well last night, I think I missed a step, landed halfway on my bottom, gravity took over, and I sort of slid the rest of the way down.  As soon as I hit, the sting was unbearable and next thing I know, my cell phone rings; I had to take at least 30 seconds to compose myself before I answered it.

It was my neighbor; we'll call him "Tad" and he asked if I was okay.  He said, "I thought either it was an earthquake or Erin fell down the stairs!"  I said I was fine and he reassured me it happens to him all the time, because we have the exact same staircase.  What's odd is I hadn't been feeling all that well and then this klutz moment happened and it snapped the previous ailment right out of me.  Here's one of my battle scars:

A nice carpet burn/raspberry bruise combo...and the other injury?  Let's just say sitting down last night and today and in the following days will not be easy.  Lesson learned, I must be more careful.  Thanks!