I think information of past technology is pretty cool to look back on and see how far we have come, by the year 2000 there was still 2 million pay phones in America, by 2007 & 2008 pay phones declined 58% and was removed from restaurants, retail & other public places.

I think the kids of today should appreciate the technology we have today, like huge flat screen t.v.'s with High Definition quality, when I was a kid the family t.v. was a black & white 19 inch t.v. most of my drinking water came from a well, not bottled water. We had a yellow rotary home phone, I could go on & on. But as I sit here on my laptop watching my satellite t.v. with a remote control in my hand I am very thankful for what I have lived through and what I have today.

The first coin operated pay phone appeared in 1889

Getty Images Hannele Lahti

How about classic television sets they weighed twice as much as t.v.'s of today, we had to physically get up and turn the channels and the quality was not HD






Do you remember when cell phones were this big? I do! We use to use them back in the old radio days to broadcast from.


My dad owned a 1955 Chevy, had a radio about like this you had to push in the hard buttons to get back & forth to radio stations like 92.5 WBKR even though WBKR wasn't around in 1955.