He was a member of "The Unforgettables"--the Kentucky team that returned the Wildcats to glory after a dark period of NCAA violations and post-season bans. He and his teammates became instant Kentucky legends.

But now it's a completely different story for Richie Farmer. The former Secretary of Agriculture has pleaded guilty in a government corruption case that began with complaints, two years ago, that he was mismanaging the state's Department of Agriculture.

The original indictment charged Farmer with four counts of misusing government money and property and a single count of solicitation of property in exchange for a government grant.

Farmer's agreement--pleading to two counts of government resource misappropriation during his tenure as ag secretary--will cut down the amount of time he would have spent behind bars to a possible two years. Plus, he'll have pay restitution to the tune of more than $120,000 to the commonwealth.

It's a sad story. A bluegrass hero and respected politician corrupted by power and authority. Unfortunately, I guess it CAN happen to anyone.