Paul Jolley's run on American Idol is over.  The former WBKR Battle for the Big O finalist leaned last night that he was this week's lowest vote-getter and he was ushered off the show in 9th place.  WBKR American Idol expert, Steve Thompson, called the WBKR Waking Crew this morning to share his thoughts about Paul's departure and which of the remaining eight contestants is the favorite to win!

From Steve Thompson:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the evidence will clearly show that on March 21, 2013, the five year long scourge called White Guy With Guitar (known as WGWG to the CDC, the SEC, and the FEC) was put out of our collective misery by the manipulative talents of the judges and the producers.  Special kudos to Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller who have finally put a torch to these wicker men.

All seriousness aside, Paul Jolley never went near a guitar during his time on Idol.  But the point is still true.  Anyone remember that silly lawsuit several minority contestants wanted to bring against Idol a few months ago?  Seems kinda silly in retrospect, doesn't it?  Granted, most of the ones who joined in the complaint couldn't sing their way out of a paper bag-- but after this year, that whole notion that minorities can't win is just one ludicrous sham.  Some would advise you can't fight a sham with another sham-- I submit those who believe such things have never watched an episode of Scandal.

Next week, we get to hear yet another theme that has been done to an infinite amount of deaths over the last twelve years.  Motown.

Yes, the sound of one hand clapping in the darkness.  At this point, you know the other networks are rubbing their collective hands together like Mr. Burns (or was that Clive Davis?  Discuss.)  I don't think there exists a music lover who awaits another failed performance by Lazaro.  Yet...  I predict we may see the same kind of outcome.  At this point, Lazaro might as well be known by the name Sanjaya.  There are some things that the voting public goes along with that make my head spin.  This is also true of reality competitions.

But wait, Steve...  Isn't there something good to say about this result?

I thought you'd ask that question...   The exile of Paul Jolley has taken yet another guy out of the equation.  So all the girls are still safe.  Yeah...  That's all I got.  I look forward to seeing how our five girls continue to thrive in their different genres.  One would think (although this might be profiling) many of our remaining contestants might find their way to sing a valid Motown song.  I'm a bit concerned about how well Janelle will do in this category-- but I'd wager (if I didn't work for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and have the empty wallet to show for it) that she will still be better than the rest of the guys.

Tune in next week for another round of snark.

@March 21, 2013  Stephen W Thompson