We always say working for WBKR can be scary.  LOL!  Matthew Alan Hughes (a.k.a. Matt), who worked for us for five years, knows this all too well.  But now Matt is taking "scary" a step further and is set to release a brand new horror novel called The Wheel of Misfortune.  Wanna know what it's about and how you can get a copy?

The Wheel of Misfortune will be officially released Saturday, March 1st at The River City Festival of Films.  Matt will have copies available from 10:30pm to 6pm.


The novel takes place in Owensboro, KY and surrounding areas.  According to the official press release, this is the short synopsis . . .

Jimmy Bratcher is relieved to hear about the death of his abusive, alcoholic grandfather. But that is before he received his inheritance, a curse that his grandfather brought home from World War II. When he discovers “The Wheel of Misfortune” in his grandfather’s study, he initially takes it for a toy, but after the first spin he has a nightmare of the gruesome death of his ex-girl friend and her new lover, his former best friend. One phone call from the Daviess County Sheriff’s Department is enough to warn him that what he saw was more than a nightmare.

The wheel soon draws Jimmy deeper and deeper into the curse, and he find using the wheel easier than the alternative. In an attempt to save his own soul, he tries to rid himself of the wheel, but finds that curses are not easily broken. The curse has it’s own forces, which are soon unleashed on Jimmy and anyone that tries to help him. Soon Jimmy finds himself on the run, pursued by a gang of sadistic bikers and one demonic law enforcement officer.

Congratulations, Matt!  We are very excited for you here at WBKR and wish you well with the official book release this weekend.


Matthew Alan Hughes is a 2002 graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College, where he earned a BA with emphasis in Literature and Creative Writing. While there he also served two terms as Prior of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity and was on the WKWC Executive Committee.
He has released one previous novel, “The Peppermint Man”, and a collection of short stories, “Horror Matinee and Other Strange Tales”, both of which can be found on Amazon and at various book dealers. He also has several short stories published in horror anthologies, the most notable being “The Ghost IS the Machine” from Post Mortem Press. “The Ghost IS the Machine” includes stories from fifteen authors, including Joe Hill, the New York Times Best Selling son of horror master Stephen King.