On a number of occasions, I've spoken at Career Days at various schools in the area. It's always a blast. I love interacting with kids. For one thing, they are honest. At times, brutally honest. And when I've finished, I've received thank-you's via a phone call or, more recently, Facebook. And that's terrific. But I can honestly say I've never received a response to an appearance quite like the one Austin, Texas-based meteorologist Albert Ramon got from a fourth grader following a speaking engagement at the boy's school. The kid's imagination is extraordinary. And, on his terms, his letter indicates that he is also very generous. He's also very ambitious--he plans on becoming the "supreme ultra-lord of the universe" someday. I think we'd all want him in our corner. Especially if he's going to have his unicorn servants feed us doughnuts. You can't beat that.