It's been a busy week, and I'd forgotten about this. But, I just saw Ron wait, Metta World, no, no...Ron Artest pass across my laptop computer screen, and it's on my mind again.

By the way, I refuse to refer to anyone, for whom "peace" seems to be a non-issue, as Metta World Peace. I know him as Ron Artest. And I'm thankful I don't personally know him at all. I wish the NBA would forget about him as well.

It angers me greatly that this man is still allowed to wear a Los Angeles Lakers uniform...or any uniform, for that matter, after delivering an elbow to the Oklahoma City Thunder's James Harden right behind his left ear last week during a game in L.A.

After watching the video again, I'm all the more infuriated knowing he's set to return to the team after a measly 7-game suspension. To top it off, Metta Ron World Artest Peace will be a guest, Monday night, on Conan O'Brien's show.

Why? To celebrate intentional and violent misbehavior on the basketball court? To examine and discuss the special brand of kid gloves the NBA uses when dealing with such incidents? To talk about why he's not behind bars? What will the topic be, Conan? I, for one, would love to know!

As the announcer at the game EVENTUALLY said, "That's disgraceful."

And it's not like Ron Metta World Peace Artest has been a good boy all his life. He has a bit of a history of bad behavior both on AND off the court.

Oh well, I guess this is the world in which we live. Maybe there are those who think a 7-game layoff is appropriate. I disagree. But, maybe there are those who realize that if he'd clocked somebody with that elbow on a city street, he'd be charged with assault.

But, what do I know?