We have all eaten while we drive, right? In this new faster-paced age, some of us have no choices some days. It's become an American ritual. And, hopefully, most of us have the wisdom to avoid those food items that would be impossible to manage while driving. In Oak Park, Illinois, the move is on to ban eating and drinking (anything) while driving, altogether. Until that mandate goes nationwide, let's take a look at some foods that Gina Roberts-Grey of MSN Money has pinpointed as hazardous to our on-the-road health.


I confess, I've tried it. I was on vacation--this was years ago when I was younger and more foolish--and I stopped to get gas. I was anxious to get on down the road and there was a pizza joint inside the convenience store. I decided to get a slice and hit the road, just for something different. Well, there's a reason those stores sell a wide variety of SANDWICHES. They're just smarter choices when you're on the road. Pizza...is not. I had no business concentrating on anything but the road, clearly, but there I was fighting the floppy slice while cruising down the interstate. How stupid to worry about pizza grease on your shirt rather than whether or not you could possibly flip your car. Needless to say, it hasn't happened since.


To be honest, I'm not very concerned about this one. I actually prefer drinking without having to use a straw. I can put the cap on the bottle and not have to worry about where I'm going set the thing. A cup with a straw HAS to sit in the drink holder. Besides, I don't like straws. While I don't disregard her points, I don't think this is as serious an issue. Oh, I guess the bottle could fall and roll up under my break or gas pedal and then I'd be in some trouble. But that's never happened, and hopefully--knock wood--it never will.


This is where I get into some trouble, gotta be honest. I love Subway. It's a great, healthy alternative and they line the interstates these days. But try eating a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki or Steak and Cheese while driving. I'm not gonna say it CAN'T be done. But it shouldn't be done. I've only tried the Steak and Cheese; I knew I couldn't get away with the other. But before I was finished, I had pieces of steak all over that car. It was actually funny. But later I thought about it and realized it could have been as far from funny as you can get. Since then, it's cold cuts, no condiments. It's much easier to deal with, but still different from the norm.

Some of Gina's selections also include hotdogs, ice cream cones, and..CEREAL! Okay, who's eating cereal behind the wheel? Come on! Anyway, eat while you can. Soon, even a simple burger may be forbidden. Just leave the Lucky Charms at home, okay?