Okay!  I'm hooked.  I called Nashville Kat in the middle of last night's premiere of Rising Star and told her, "I'm already behaving like a crack addict."  I like the show, but I LOVE the Rising Star app.  It literally allows us to watch and vote in real time.  Yep!  We are in full control of the singers' destinies.  And the app has some other cool features too.  LOOK!

The app features built-in time outs!

Then, when the show rolls to commercial break, the app tells you to hang tight!

And this is my absolute favorite bonus feature.  The app occasionally will introduce you to one of your fellow judges- someone else who is watching the show and playing along like you!

Now, I will admit it.  Rising Star, as a show, has some problems.  Josh Groban is basically Pinocchio- a wooden boy of a host.  Kesha is, well, Kesha.  Ludacris is, at times, ludicrous.  And the show really needs to pick up the pace with the singers and lay off some of the sappy back stories.  Last night, there were just 4 singers in the first 50 minutes of the debut. I was over it, bailed, turned from ABC to HBO and watched True Blood.

But the app is genius!  The home game is GREAT!  And I can't wait to see my Facebook profile picture on the wall!!