Let me begin by telling you a little about Ryan and Layla Thompson. They are GREAT and important people. That's a little. It's also a big...UNDERSTATEMENT.

Ryan is the founder of Casting a Net. He and Layla have accepted the mission to help at-risk children by providing them homes and feeding their minds, their hearts, and, of course, their bellies.

As a result, Ryan and Layla live in Thailand and work tirelessly on the Thailand/Myanmar border where children are in danger 24 hours a day.

Ryan told me that someone struck a child just because he was standing to close (to Ryan). As shameful as that is, these children face far greater dangers on a daily basis.

They are neglected, abused, enslaved, and trafficked...it's really one of the most horrific things I have ever heard of in my life and we can't be thankful enough for folks like the Thompsons and their partners at Life Impact International who maintain and develop land and build houses so that these kids and their families can be properly nourished and made to feel safe.

On Saturday, July 19th, from 9AM to 1PM, there will be a fundraising event for Casting a Net at River City Church on South Frederica.

There will be free food, a bouncy house and face painting for the kids, a car wash, silent auction, and 50/50 raffle.

Hourly events include a cast-a-fishing-line contest at 10, a cornhole tournament at 11, bunco at 12, and a pie-in-the-face contest at 1.

Everyone is welcome.

Ryan and Layla Thompson are performing miracles on the other side of the world. And we can take part.