Howdy, Gang.  Chad here.  So, you all know that I am sucker for dogs!  Last night, on America's Got Talent, a wrinkled, plump, and fiesty English bulldog walked onto stage and had me at 'Woof!"  Meet Gabe, who was invited to be a part of AGT's You Tube competition!  While grumpy old Piers Morgan buzzed Gabe, Sharon, Howie, the crowd and yours truly LOVED him!  Watch this!!!  This dog is HILARIOUS and I am hoping that he makes the cut on tonight's results show and makes America's Got Talent's Top 20!  And be sure to check out Gabe's Facebook page!   And, no!  I am not kidding.  He really is on Facebook.  LOL!  This dog is destined for stardom and has a great shot at AGT's million dollar grand prize.  Hmmmm . . . I wonder if Wilma or Dolly found him attractive?  I hope so.  I need to get my one of pooches hooked up with that stud.  LOL!