It is the time of year that I both look forward to and dread. I love the playoffs just like any other football fan, but it also means only three more games and waiting until fall for the season to start again.

And like most fans I spent my weekend watching the playoff games. While my favorite team is still in the race, I enjoyed watching all the games. While watching the first game on Sunday, I noticed an ad that got me thinking. I didn’t start thinking about the product; instead I started thinking about the game and myself. The ad had a part in it talking about the “superstitions” that some fans have.

I started thinking about the superstitions I have when watching a game and until really thinking about it, I didn’t really think I had any. I thought about what I do any time my favorite team plays. Usually it is nothing special, but I do have a hat (yes the one in the picture) that I wear every time they play. And last year not only did I wear my hat the day they played, but I also wear a jersey if I was watching the game. Now I won’t wear the jersey on game days anymore because the player is no longer on the team though.

I was eating lunch with a friend during the game and since I was thinking about this topic, so I asked my friend if he had any game day superstitions. He, without hesitation said yes. First he makes sure he is wearing team colors on game day. Second, he has a stuffed team bear that he rubs the head of before the game. If he isn’t home for the game, he does this before he leaves.

We asked ourselves in the course of the conversation, “Does it really help?” Well the answer to that we may never know. We do know the days we don’t go through our routine, our favorite team doesn’t fair too well…

So I ask you: What are your game day superstitions?