It may not be good politics to pass on bad publicity concerning Country legend Garth Brooks, but when a most disturbing list is right.... it's right. I just happened upon an article at the website for a magazine called "Papermag". This particular website features an article that breaks down the top 10 "most disturbing" Christmas album covers and now I see it clearly.
Topping the list is the 1999 album "The Magic of Christmas" by Garth which features an intense Mr. Brooks brooding over a crystal ball in a snow covered setting. It's Garth brooks meets Dexter Morgan and it frightens me. It managed to beat out the joyful Christmas classics "What Can You Get A Wookie for Christmas?(When He Already Owns A Comb" and the Afroman album " A Colt 45 Christmas". Don't get me wrong Garth does some of my favorite Christmas tunes much justice....I'm just a little scared the Chris Gaines might get out and grab me sometimes. Click the link below to read about it yourself. There are some albums with adults in mind...use caution.