He's arguably the greatest entertainer in country music history, with dynamic high-energy concerts combined with a huge love of all things that are traditional in country music. Plus, Garth Brooks, is a master at the art of the tease.

Did anyone ever REALLY think he was officially retiring lo these many years ago when he said that's what he was going to do?

I didn't.

And since that announcement, there have been more Garth Brooks singles released to radio (including "More Than a Memory" in 2007, the only song EVER to debut at #1 on the country singles chart) and more shows.

I saw him in Nashville in 2010. Maybe you did, too.

And many thousands have seen him in Vegas.

So what's next?

Well, if you go to garthbrooks.com, you'll get thunder, you'll get lightning, and you'll get a very cryptic message.


So what do you think is up?