I'm kinda tired of all this. And maybe it wouldn't be as galling if I didn't recently see gas prices in Bowling Green a good 20 cents cheaper than they are in Owensboro.

I've even seen the most expensive gas station in Evansville undercut 'Boro by a good 15 cents. I guess it's all relative, though. I'd imagine everyone is fed up with paying well north of $3 for gasoline, no matter where they are.

I don't know all the ins and outs of the gas game, but I just don't believe it's necessary to charge this kind of dough to fill up your tank. God forbid the oil barons don't get every last penny of however many gazillions they're collecting in profit. Oh, well, from my lips to God's ears, right?

This mini-rant is sparked by the news from AAA that gas prices are on the rise again. Right now, the national average sits right around $3.63 a gallon. That's a 15-cent bump from last week and 24 cents higher than a year ago. The current average gas price for West Central Kentucky is about $3.60 a gallon--just a few tics below the national.

Clearly, we just need to get used to this. Even during a period of strong domestic production in January, according to thehill.com, we were at $3.29 a gallon. In fact, the AAA says that we shouldn't expect to see gas lower than $3 a gallon ever again.

AAA does, however, hope we find some consolation in the fact that we are still considerably lower than the all-time high average of $4.11 from July of 2008.

I'd call that cold comfort. Even in the summer.