It was cloud nine time about four days ago when news came that Americans can expect a drop in gas prices by June. And by as much as 50 cents! And then, within the last 24 hours, the other shoe dropped. Like a lead balloon.

Our moment of relief was replaced by recurring concerns when we learned that prices at many Evansville gas stations spiked some 26 cents yesterday afternoon. I think we all have grown accustomed to the nasty trend of "follow the leader" when it comes to fuel costs in the region. When one area sees a big jump, we have often seen others follow suit. And the scary part is the speculation that this jump has nothing to do with oil pricess--a usual suspect. This time, it's believed that the severe flooding which is travelling down the Mississippi River is affecting refinery operations. Of course the light at the end of that tunnel is the fact (hopefully, the fact), that once the rivers level off and get back to normal, so will the price at the pump. And, that expected big drop this summer? It still sounds good, but how high will gas prices be when that happens?