This is going to tickle your taste buds!  Last week, at one of Jaclyn's "Big O" parties, our friends from Tumbleweed, Charlie and Steve, stopped by for some food and fun.  They brought with them everything we needed to make fresh guacamole from scratch.  Now, Dave Spencer and I will pretty much eat anything so we were instantly game.  But Jaclyn . . . well, her diet pretty much consists of cupcakes and Laffy Taffy and she's very skeptical about trying anything else.  She tends to sniff foods that are foreign to her and wrinkle up her nose like she's starring in the revival of Bewitched.  But even SHE couldn't resist the temptation of trying Tumbleweed's delicious guacamole.  CHECK THIS OUT!  Not only will we show you how to make it . . . we'll show you how to love it!

I know, right?  That guacamole was delicous . . . easy to make . . . and a great summer snack!  DO try this at home!!