We are deep into a new game of CODEBREAKERS and this week's CODE has been exceptionally tough to break.  So, we've decided to help you out with a special clue.  In fact, you can thank the ladies at Discount Liquor, who yesterday decided to take matters into their own hands and hook my body parts up to jumper cables.  Guess they figured they could "shock and awe" me into caving and giving them the CODE.  Well, their dastardly plot must have worked . . . a little!  I am ready to crack and give you a clue to one of the numbers in the CODE.

If you figure out the second number in the CODE, you'll start receiving the benefits.

If you haven't downloaded your official CODEBREAKERS gamepiece, do so by CLICKING HERE!  And, remember, the person who BREAKS this week's CODE will win Grand Ole Opry tickets for a year (2 tx a month for 12 months), plus, 2 tickets to this week's Opry induction of Keith Urban!

Good luck!