CODEBREAKERS is underway and no one has managed to get even one number in the CODE sequence correct.  And we know that everyone is dying to get their paws on those V.I.P. tickets to the 2012 Big O Music Festival starring Blake Shelton.  So, we have decided to help you out.  If you can solve the following country music-flavored word problem, you will know the THIRD number in the CODE.  So, put your thinking caps on, be prepared to do a little bit of research, and GOOD LUCK!


Take the number of children that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have.

Now, take the number in the title of Mark Wills' biggest hit and add it to the previous number.

From the sum, subtract the number of members in Little Big Town.

Then, subtract the number of times that Kenny Chesney has won the ACM Award for Entertainer of the Year.

Now . . . multiply by 2 the  number of #1 Billboard country singles Jason Aldean has had off his latest CD, My Kinda Party.  Add that product to your previous number.

 Your final step . . . take the number you have currently and multiply it by the number of years Owensboro has hosted The Big O Music Festival.

Congratulations.  The answer to this word problem (if you figured correctly) is the 3rd number in the CODE.

Good luck!  And, remember, if you have not yet downloaded your official CODEBREAKERS game piece, you can do so by CLICKING HERE!