This past weekend I had a girls weekend. (Y'all probably know this, because it's all that I talked about on Friday!) Well, it wasn't quite as good as I was was better! I even learned a few things.This trip came about because my friend Ann is heading to Africa for a year and her husband threw a going-away party for her in Nashville. Ann is a Kappa Delta Sorority sister of mine from WKU and lots of our girls would be there. Including a friend who is just about 10 months pregnant! (Bless her heart, she's a trooper!)

This past year has brought alot in our group of girls; divorce, babies, marriage, engagement, promotions, losing a husband and moving to Africa. Needless to say, we all needed some well-deserved girl time. It always seems to amaze me how just seeing and hugging someone that you haven't seen in what seems like ages, can make you feel 100% better! How, even thou we've been out of school for a looooong time, it's like we never left Bowling Green and are all still roommates.

So, Friday night turned into a Broadway, downtown Nashville night. Even ran into country music artist Frankie Ballard! Ha! He's a blast and maybe the reason that we all got a 24 hour flu bug Saturday! ;) Even managed to find the most awesome french toast that I've ever eaten! (Hermitage Cafe, we will be back!!)

Saturday was scheduled to be a day filled with bridesmaid dresses and color selections. (My friend Scalf is getting married in September!) Well, we did make it to the bridal shop, I was only 45 minutes late, and actually picked out bridesmaid dresses.

Let's flashback to Friday night if you will...... several of us are all turning 30 in 2012, but tend to forget that we are old. We like to think that we can still hang like we did Spring Break 2003. Well, we can't. Not even close! On Saturday, we paid for it dearly! It's ok to be laughing at me right now, I don't mind!

One of my girlfriends, whose name will remain anonymous, was riding back to Bowling Green with me Saturday morning. Sure, we felt like we were hit by a steamroller, but we were making it. (We stopped at a gas station before leaving town and I got these items; fruit punch Gatorade, a Coke, bag of cheddar popcorn, a bag of peanuts and a Payday. Yep, like that was gonna make me feel better! Ha!) I thought we were in the clear until we hit Scottsville Road in BG, then I hear, "Oh Jac, I'm gonna get sick." Ummm, I'm sorry, what?!?! Right here? For those of you that know BG, Scottsville Road is crazy busy! Let's just say this, we didn't make it to a side street in time. Yep, MY car now needs to be detailed. Worse part is that I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying! Yep, friend of the year right here! Poor little thing was strugglin! At the very moment this was going down, I was supposed to be at the bridal store decided between mermaid and A-line, clover or mercury. Best thing is, after we (after being stopped in the middle of a shopping center parking lane for 15 minutes) drove off I was noticing a very nice breeze running through my vehicle. Oops, my back hatch was wide open! Haha! What a day! And, it wasn't even 1pm yet!

Anyone that went to Western is going to be very jealous right now. Of course, we went to Puerto's! Delicious!! Another friend from Hopkinsville was coming in town to meet us. I do have to tell you that my friend who lost it in my car, went home. (I'm still laughing at that one!)

Those two or so hours we spent at the restaurant may have been my favorite of the whole weekend. It really was like we'd never left. I think I'm speaking for all of us when I say that it's an amazing feeling to be talking about what's going on in your life and knowing that the person looking back at you is just caring. Not judging, not thinking anything except genuine care. I love those girls! Lots of laughing for sure.

We managed to wrangle ourselves together to go out Saturday night. Some friends of mine were playing there in BG, so we drug ourselves out of our hotel room. Although we had never been to Johnetta's, we were ready to go! (PS, love her! We'll be back!) It was so fun to have my old friends and new friends all there together. It didn't take long for our feet to get tappin and purses to be thrown aside for easier dancing! It was like we had just left BG yesterday. I guess some people are put into our lives forever, even if you don't see them for months at a time!

So, here are those lessons I was talking about...

1. There really is NO excuse for letting a friendship slip away. It's way too easy to say ,"I'll call tomorrow". Nah, call today!! Maybe they need to hear from you just as much as you need to hear from them.

2. The older I get the more I realize how much I need my friends. And, more importantly, just how amazing my friends really are!

3. I'm not as young or as good as I once was, haha! Hydration is key to a weekend of fun! I should have been preparing two weeks before! Haha!

I miss my girls already and can't wait until our next girls weekend! (Even though I'm guessing my liver would like a little time to recover!)