I have to admit I've been a little lax about getting into Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center on Old Hartford Road in Owensboro to give blood. It has been a while, and it shouldn't. But it was good to get back there today and see everybody and, especially, to give the good folks at the blood center a pint so that, down the road somewhere, somebody might be able to stick around a little while longer.

The last time I gave blood--and this is very bad of me--was just after Christmas. And in fact, the previous Christmas season, there was a similar occurrence. A lady called me from the Blood Center saying the hospital was desperately short on O negative blood. I'm O neg, which means I'm a universal donor. Anyone who needs blood, regardless of type, can take my blood. In fact, right now, there's an immediate need for O negative and O positive blood.  When I went over to the center, Jaclyn was there doing a live broadcast. She wondered if you could determine someone's personality based on the characteristics of his or her respective blood type. Interesting idea; we'll have to work on it. What I did learn was who can receive what type of blood should it not be their own type. You can click here and see the chart for yourself.  It's always great to give blood and it doesn't take long at all. If you can carve out about 30 to 45 minutes from you day, head on over to WKRBC and give the gift of life. That's what you do when you give blood.