She's back!  And on New Year's Eve, Goldie invites you to join her at the RiverPark Center in Owensboro for a huge reunion concert.  And we have all the details, including ticket info, here at!

From official RiverPark Center press release:


December 31, 2013 come to RiverPark Center and downtown Owensboro to ring in the New Year with Goldie’s New Year’s Eve Show. After a 5 year break, Goldie, is coming out of retirement to celebrate one more time and to give her audiences what they have been begging for since the final curtain fell December 31, 2008. Back by popular demand, this year’s show will include country and gospel music, as well as the infamous old time Rock-N-Roll spectacular with special appearances from Tina Turner, Elvis, Dolly Parton, The Blues Brothers, The Big Bopper, The Jackson 5 and many, many more.

Tara Estes as Tina Turner

The show is made from the best of the best. EVERYONE will be back! Goldie, her Backstage Band and Singers. The cast and crew will be coming from as far away as Tampa, FL to be a part of the monumental reunion.  “This is a show of many of our favorite acts ever created by the Goldie show over the years.”  Goldie said, “We take the best of what we have done and condense it to a four hour New Year’s Eve Show Spectacular.”

  The characters are a huge portion of the show. Betsy Youngman said, “It is amazing how the cast actually becomes the characters they are portraying. You would swear you we taking a trip back in time and actually seeing Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, and Elvis. Their actions, costumes, and voices are so realistic. It’s better than any other show I’ve seen anywhere!”

Jailhouse Rock

Of course to describe everything you’ll see at Goldie’s New Year’s Eve show would be impossible. Janie Jett- Mason and Jerry, Tara Estes, Travis Estes, Natasha Neely, Alyssa Roby, Jon Brennan, Katie Herron, Amy-Beth Mason, Goldie’s Girls, and more make this evening a fun family experience.

The show begins at 8PM and will be followed by a MOONLITE Bar-B-Q breakfast buffet at midnight. Tickets are: Adults $20-$25, adult breakfast $15.00, or an adult show/breakfast combo for $35.00-$40.00. Children (12 and under) prices are $10.00 for the show and $10.00 for the breakfast, or a kids show breakfast combo for $20.00 . Tickets are on sale NOW! Call today (270) 687-2787 or visit  

**A portion of the show’s proceeds will benefit Backstage Band member and guitar extraordinaire, Gary Mineer.