Carsyn and I hit up opening night at the Daviess County Fair Wednesday night and came home with a goldfish. Yep, the Queen of killing pets has ended up with yet another one, ha! So, I reluctantly picked the goldfish up, Carsyn named it Goldie and we headed back home.

Chad and I made an on-air bet as to how long it would last in the house of pet-doom. I said at least two weeks, he said no way, ha! Well, I have sad news to report...

Jaclyn Graves

I had set up Goldie's new home in her cute little bowl and let the water sit for a day or so before putting her in it. (See, I at least know that part of fish-maintenance.) I had full intentions of changing her from her fair-container to her new-found, perfectly adjusted to the room temperature bowl. I was too late, Goldie didn't make it.

I bet two weeks, turns out, she didn't even last two days.

RIP, Goldie... Sorry you got a bad deal on your adopted pet-parents.

(This isn't the first time we've lost a fish pet. Here's the video of the burial at sea from our first fish, Orangy. We still miss you, boo.)