We are talking about Brad Paisley. 

Thirty-one year old Southern California mother of one Allison Greene lost her battle with cancer. Unfortunately, cancer took her life.


The family posted Allison’s memorial service information and a video on facebook in hopes Brad Paisley would see it-- sure enough, he did.
Allison's husband "got a call from Brad.... saying he was going to come, because when he saw that video, he was inspired by Allie. It does show how big of a heart he has."

Brad performed several tunes in celebration of a woman he never met, but had moved him so much.

He told Allison's family: "When I was watching the video, through the video, it brought me to tears, and I thought, ‘Man, if I could just be there'. So they said, ‘Will you be there, Brad, Monday the 7th in Orange County?’ and I thought, yeah. I am going to be there."

. She had fought a long-hard battle for over two years and had vowed to celebrate her recovery when she beat the disease-- complete with entertainment by Brad Paisley.