For those of y'all that listen to my show on a regular basis, you know that I've been known to ramble about meaningless topics more often than not. Well, here goes another one!

Yesterday at the grocery store I was confronted with one of my biggest pet peeves: improper grocery cart etiquette. Yes, I just said improper grocery cart etiquette.

Just about every store you go to nowadays has handy-dandy grocery cart stations conveniently located throughout the parking lot. Just how hard is it to use these stations?!?! Apparently harder than it looks! Just within 10 feet of my parking space, I saw not one, but two carts within 6 steps of a cart station left out in the parking lot! One person even took the time to put the cart up on the curb, but couldn't turn around, walk across the aisle and put it up! Ugh!! Drives me nuts!!!

Please for me, put your carts up. You just may save me from having a coronary the next time I'm at the store. Just think, "Put the buggy in the buggy basket!"

Whew...thanks for letting me get that off of my chest, I feel better! ;)