Let me just start by saying this... I AM NOT technologically savvy...not at all! I know, most of my generation is, but not me! I've never been one to care about what kind of phone I had, as long as I could call and text, I was good! Well, that's all changed now! Mater wanted me to get a new iphone so that when he's at the fire department he and Carsyn could talk using face time. (Which we did last night and it was really neat! She Loved it!)

I hate to admit this, but... I'm lovin this new phone!! It has so many things that Carsyn can play with and I have officially been introduced to itunes! (What?!?! Yeah, I heard you say that!) Sure, you would think that someone who is so into music would know something about itunes...nope! But, I'm learning!

I was forced to get one of those little cute covers for it...of course, I went with pink accents! I mean, it's not like I've dropped a past phone in a crockpot full of beenie weenies...oh wait, yep, I did! Ha! Ok, good call with the cover!

So, I'm gonna need your help! Let me know what your favorite apps or games are, really anything you LOVE about your iphone, because, I'm lost!

Thanks in advance...I know y'all are gonna help me out!