Tragedy struck this Labor Day weekend, the DVD player in the playroom went caput and that meant the Hannah Montana marathon moved to the living room. Oh yes, my youngest still likes Hannah Montana. How did I survive the perilous onslaught of having "The Best of Both Worlds"? One woman and one woman only was there for me as the cheese bombs fell....Dolly Parton.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have any ill feelings for Miley Cyrus and her big box store empire of fashion dolls, t-shirts, and concert dvd's. I just kind of thought after the dollar value of America's most down to earth pop star ended then so would the time and money I spent. No such luck. Six year old Sophia loves the fashion, the dancing, and of course the music. Luckily I had one helpful ally over the course of diva day 2011, Dolly.

Dolly Parton plays Aunt to the teen sensation and she is totally herself. Thank goodness she developed a crush on daddy Billy Ray sometime over the course of his Country music career. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't sit and watch Hannah with my little baby's just hard to ignore the background Montanavision. I have to be honest though when Aunt Dolly drops in with superstar advice I would catch myself stopping for a front row view of the mess. At one point Hannah is rescued by grandma from paparazzi in the Dolly helicopter piloted by, yes, Miss Parton herself. Even though from an anatomical perspective i'm not sure if she could actually reach the control panel, I will tell you right now if I ever need helivac transport I want the pink and blue glitter encrusted Dolly copter to take me with a song in tow.