It is All Saints Day. November is here. And it comes after what I would call a relatively quiet All Hallows Eve. Yes, it seemed this was one of the quieter Halloweens I can remember. And by Halloween, I mean October 31st. Because it feels like we celebrate Halloween for a good two weeks prior to the actual day. Oh sure, there were trick-or-treaters and there were "trunk"-or-treaters, thanks to local churches. But after 8PM, it seemed like the streets of Owensboro rolled up. Now, I fully understand the importance of getting the kids back in the house at a reasonable hour in this new and unreasonable day and age in which we live. There are two many unsavory characters prowling the streets these days. What I mean is, last evening after a certain time, you wouldn't have known it actually WAS Halloween unless you just already did know. Was it the "Monday factor?" Here at WBKR, we had numerous calls from folks asking us about trick-or-treating.

In fact, whenever Halloween doesn't fall on a Friday or a Saturday, those calls come in. The inquiries likely started when we began observing Halloween on a Saturday whenever it would actually fall on a Sunday. And that makes sense. But I guess that's translated into wondering if it should even be observed on a school night. I certainly don't believe I can legitimately read anything into the questions, but I'm now wondering if everyone would prefer to always celebrate Halloween on a Saturday night. I have only heard rumors--just rumors--about a possible move to the last Saturday in October should Halloween not fall on that night. But only one of the nation's lawmakers--Rep. Tim Larson of Connecticut--has made any move at all in that direction. And, of course, since Halloween isn't a federal holiday, any decisions about the observance would be on a state or even local level. So, is Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or even Thursday just too boring for a real celebration of Halloween? Maybe we'll soon see.