When I was six years old, I almost jumped off a cliff. And before you jump to conclusions let me explain how that almost happened.

When I was a kid, we used to visit relatives in Silver City, New Mexico. There was a picnic spot just north of town in a community called Pinos Altos. There was a large rock formation at the site and my sister and cousins and I all climbed on top of it. There was also a shelf about three feet down from the top. I climbed down onto it, looked down and decided I was coming down. What I couldn't see was that it was a straight drop. And I would have straight-dropped a good 40 feet. Wouldn't have been good.

And THAT is the extent of daredevil behavior in my life. And that was purely by accident.

This nut is deliberately climbing on top of a skyscraper and doing a handstand.

I guess it's like the old saying/quip goes: Why did he do it? Because it was there.