Okay, this story caught my eye, and not just because there was a 'Harry Potter' film festival on TV over the weekend. Daniel Radcliffe, who landed the role of a lifetime as the boy wizard, is heading to rehab, which made me shake my head, but, it's for kicking a nasty habit.

Radcliffe, who turns 25 next week, is reportedly checking into rehab to quit smoking. And yes, this facility is a residential treatment program involving "counseling, both individual and group, stress management, and herbal treatments to help withdrawal symptoms. The young British actor gave up drinking in 2010, but he hasn't seemed to seriously treat his cigarette addiction until now.

This news comes out just as 'Potter' author J K Rowling has been writing and releasing mini follow-up stories about Harry and his friends as adults.

On a personal note, I finally quit in January of this year, and I've been using an e-cig, which doesn't work for everyone, but hopefully Radcliffe will find the key on his journey to kick the habit.