I'm no entomologist, Lord knows, but I do know a cicada shell when I see one. And THAT'S a cicada shell. And that can only mean there was once a cicada in it.

So here we are--late summer in Kentucky. That familiar and pervasive chirp will fill the nights for the next couple of months and leftover skins will dot the various trees on whose sap these bizarre looking little insects will feed.

But they're an odd lot. You hear them far more than you ever see them--last summer being a notable exception.

I remember one live broadcast from Pogue Chrysler in Greenville last August when dead or dying cicadas were everywhere; it's hard to mistake those beady red eyes. I guess they were eyes. Again, I'm no entomologist.

But cicadas are back and the last half of a very hot summer is here.

When Roxianne the Receptionist brought me this cicada shell, I wondered--as I always have--how it got out of there leaving the shell mostly in tact. There's only a little sliver on the back. And, now, it looks like a small pork rind with legs.

But I digress.

Check out this cool time lapse video showing how long it takes for a cicada to come out of its shell.

You know, I've known people who've taken decades to come out of their shells.

Again, I digress...