Bigfoot sightings are dime a dozen in the U.S. of A. But we love 'em, don't we? Bigfoot is pure American folklore of the highest order. Of course, folklore indicates fictional. And there are those who cry foul on that assessment.

But here's my thing:

The photos, the videos, and the film of Bigfoot are never distinct, usually blurry, or obscured by trees.

We've actually had a Bigfoot sighting in Owensboro. It was a long time ago and I was a little kid. Somebody thought they saw a very tall, perhaps furry, humanoid creature out around Fairview Drive but they couldn't be sure. And I seem to recall that it could have been some large man covered, head to toe, in mud. Not sure.

But, you know what? That was all it took to whip us all into a frenzy. And it was exciting; I remember.

I've even had my own kinda-sorta Bigfoot experience. When I was 6, my family and I went out west to visit family. On the way, we spent the night in Texarkana, Arkansas. Before we left the next morning, we had breakfast at the motel restaurant. There were a bunch of bloodhounds tied up outside and shotguns leaning against the outer wall.

Inside, Dad asked what was going on. The locals proceeded to tell us about the Fouke Monster. Fouke is a tiny town in Miller County, Arkansas and these guys had spent the entire night as part of a big posse that was looking for a Bigfoot-like creature that had been killing livestock in around the town.

Of course, it wasn't Bigfoot, but the Bigfoot legend was certainly in play. I mean, if it was Bigfoot, he really gets around. He pretty much keeps to himself in the northwest.

And that's where he has made his most recent appearance...maybe. The people who shot this video sure believe so. But their actions exemplify why it's always going to be difficult to prove the existence of Bigfoot outright. If you see something like're going to run!

Check it out: