Hot off her show, "Heroes"  and the film, "Scream 4", here's hottie Hayden Panettiere back on TV in "Nashville", premiering on Eyewitness News Channel 25 (Time Warner Cable Channel 11) on October 10th. This show could be pretty good. Hayden will portray an up an coming singing star, Juliette Barnes.

The show also stars Connie Britton of "Friday Night Lights" fame as Rayna James, a former country queen trying to maintain her status as country's top female artist.

Another reason to watch is Powers Booth as Lamar Hampton, a Tennessee politician.Powers Booth makes whatever he's featured in better: "Hatfields and McCoys", "Deadwood" and more.

Need any more reasons to watch? Well, they apparetently get the music right from what I hear. The shows creator, Callie Khouri, also creator of "Thelma and Louise" is from San Antonio and attended Purdue. WHat else could you want?

Thanks to Mike Moody at for recommending the photos.

I know I will be setting the DVR to catch the early episodes. How 'bout you?