Seeing a supercar is awesome.  Fast, rare and expensive, not to mention that feeling you get and the look that comes across your face when you see one.  The picture shown is an Audi R8. It's fast, expensive and that look came across my face.  Also this car was featured on the popular BBC show Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson and they figured out this car is the most fuel efficient super car in the world.

Anyway this is a Margaret story because I love talking cars with her and helping her out when she has a question about a car or dealing with something that moves with an engine, transmission and drive train.  Monday, she and I were on Route 54 looking for a place to eat and I see it out of the corner of my eye... All wheel drive V10, top of the line Audi R8 convertible.  Rare? Yes, you don't see too many of these driving around. Being the car buff that I am, I'm surprised I didn't turn back into that 12 year old boy I used to be when I saw a fast car.  Anyway she agrees that it's a beautiful car, expensive and roadster fast.

I explained what V10 means and that all wheel drive means all the wheels move the car through the drive train. She wasn't too interested in the Audi. She is doing so much better with cars now that she and I started dating though (proud of ya hon).   Then we pull off and the car moves 10 feet... "AWWW LOOK AT THAT HELLO KITTY STICKER" Margaret says as I pick my jaw off the ground because I still have Audi Lag.  I said. What? "There in that window of the car" It was like a suction cup transparent window sticker, so people can't see in the car but you can still look out and see them laughing at your hello kitty sticker.

Anyway we just pulled away from the Audi and she is more interested in the Dollar Store sticker in the back window of the Kia Forte.  She said she wanted that car.  "But that's not an Audi" I said...  Maggie if I could buy you an R8 I would have it painted hello kitty style.  But I can't...