Y'all know me, I tend to vary on the random side of things. One day last week (or maybe the week before) I decided that it would be fun to have Aaron Rodgers on the show to dish out Valentine's Day advice. Yes, THAT Aaron Rodgers. The Aaron Rodgers who is the reigning NFL Most Valuable Player, the same one who led the Green Bay Packers to the Super Bowl title last year. Yep... I've officially lost it!Well, I'm still new at this Twitter thing, but thought it was my best bet to get him on the show. So, I've been sending him tweets every few days asking him to come on the show. I've even gotten some of my followers to tweet him as well. (Which isn't very helpful when you don't have a lot of followers! Ha!)

Being that Valentine's Day is Tuesday I must take a different route to him. So, I made a video, with the help of Chad. Help me spread the word to convince him to call in to the show. I mean, if he wants to come to Owensboro, that'll be just fine with me! Just give me some fair warning, I wanna make sure I don't have on a ball cap that day!