They say change is good right? Not when that change comes at the cost of $80,000+! This is the cost of change for one of America’s cultural icons. With film production moving from 35mm to digital, drive-in movie theaters across the country are going to have to change their projectors, which is an estimated cost of $80,000 per projector!

And one of the theaters having to make the switch is close to home: the Holiday Drive-In in Rockport, In. We could lose a piece of American culture if these businesses can’t afford to make the switch. With drive-ins being more of a seasonal venue, the cost is much greater for them to switch then a modern movie theater (although we did almost see a local theater close because of the switch). And with very few drive-ins left (the last check I saw said around 350 were still operating in the us, down from the 4000 or so operating in the late 1950’s) this switch could mean that future generations will miss out on such a great experience!

So how can we help save the drive-ins? Honda has started a movement to help raise awareness of the drive-in called Project Drive-In. With Project Drive-In, Honda is starting a drive-in fund, and they are giving away 5 digital projectors. To vote for the Holiday Drive-In to receive a projector, click the picture below. Voting is open until at 9am on September 9th.

By clicking on the button or picture below, you can not only vote, but you can find out more about the switch, and you can share the page to encourage others to vote!

Let’s help keep one of America’s icons up and running!