Go Big Red! Go Big Red! Boy, I've said that plenty of times in my life, either at Smith Stadium or Diddle Arena. But now I'm saying it right here and right now!

And I want you to say it too! Western Kentucky University's Big Red is currently ranked 11th in voting for the Capitol One Mascot Challenge. And he needs all the votes he can get to hit #1 and win this thing!

Go to capitolonebowl.com and click on "VOTE NOW" to earn Big Red--or, to be fair, the mascot of you choice...but GO BIG RED!

Two new mascots will paired up each week to do battle. Big Red's challenge week is set to begin October 14th! He'll be taking on Sparty from Michigan State.

Each week, there will be a new 25-point challenge and you'll be asked to post something on Facebook or Twitter to help your mascot--hopefully Big Red...did I mention I'm pulling for Big Red?--nab the victory.

Now there will also be a 100-point challenge issued each week. This is where you can go all out for your mascot and do something ginormous to help him win. You can post an image on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to prove you met the challenge.

New challenges will be received every Monday! Go Big Red!

And now, for added incentive, a hilarious video starring...you guessed it: