Happy 12-12-12, everybody! On an occasion that only happens once every century--so I'm safely assuming this is the only one a great many of us will have--I thought it would be fun go all "twelve" on you. Yep, it's time to "twelve" it up with 12 Twelves for Your 12/12/12.

These are in no particular order. And, since it's Christmas, we gotta begin right here:

1. The Twelve Days of Christmas

I hear from a lot of people that the original "Twelve Days of Christmas" is really annoying. So I thought I'd give it to you Jeff Foxworthy style.



2. Twelve Angry Men

It's one of my all-time favorite movies, and the entire thing is on YouTube. So, if you have some time...



3. Little Twelve Toes

When I was a kid, Schoolhouse Rock was a Saturday morning cartoon staple. They had it for grammar, history, and math. And so for your viewing and nostalgic pleasure, I present Schoolhouse Rock's "Little Twelve Toes."



4. Twelve

Yep, it's just called Twelve. Just not a very good movie, but you might disagree. See if the trailer helps:



5. Twelve Monkeys

This, on the other hand, IS a good movie. Kind of tricky because of the time travel element--which is always iffy to pull off--but a good movie, nonetheless.



6. "Home to Me" by Sarah Darling

Yeah, I know, where's the 12? Well, it just so happens that this new Sarah Darling tune is currently #12 on CMT's Pure 12-Pack Countdown. (And maybe a future Clash in the Country competitor, as well.)



7. 12, a Card Trick

Maybe it's corny, but I love a good card trick. And this is a good one. It's a little involved, but still fun. Just ignore the annoying poem that kicks off the demonstration. Enjoy!



8. "18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses" by Kathy Mattea

Why not? You know, it occurred to me after viewing this that, in the 24 years since this song was released, I have never seen this video. It's also been 24 years since I've seen this much hair.



9. Twelve Inches of Snow

Do you like a white Christmas? Well, in case we don't get snow on 12/25, you can refer back to this time lapse video of a 12-inch snowfall.



10. "The Twelfth of Never" by Donny Osmond

I had to. I ran across the video and could not quit laughing. No offense, Donny, seriously. The laughter was completely spontaneous. I could not help it.



11. The 20-12 National Championship

I thought it would be nice to relive the 2012 National Championship. Do you remember who won that game?



12. The Twelve Days of Kizzmas

We started with Foxworthy. We gotta end with Kizzy. For me, this is the song's definitive version. It always makes me laugh.