The LoCash Cowboys aka Preston and Chris have conquered the country charts and the hearts of many ladies, including here in Owensboro, but can they conquer a 72 oz. steak in an hour?  And not just the steak, add to that a big salad, a baked potato, and a couple of slices of Texas toast.  Man V. Food Nation goes beyond what Adam Richman did for 3 seasons and 59 eating challenges; he's helping others with his expertise and his strategies to help them conquer some of the country's most notorious eating challenges.  Preston and Chris will attempt the Big Roost challenge in an episode that will premiere on the Travel Channel on June 8th (7pm Central).  The clip is a preview and we won't find out until June 8th if the boys can EACH finish the Big Roost challenge at Roosters Texas Style BBQ and Steakhouse in Nashville.  My advice?  Stock up on the antacids!