I love having guests in the studio during my Midday show. It makes the day go by faster and I know that y'all enjoy meeting new artists. If you missed High Valley's take over of my show on Monday, you, well... missed out! Ha!

Even though I only had two of the three brothers (Bryan was stuck in a Denver airport), Brad and Curtis were SO much fun and I'm diggin their music!

Here... check em out!

I promised them I'd post some videos of theirs for your viewing pleasure, so here you go!

Their current single, "Love You For A Long Time" is one of my new favs! This is real country music and if you're a real country music fan, you'll love it too!

I played "Let It Be Me" for you, too. And, it's another good one! This video is too much fun! It really shows the guys fun personalities and their life on the road!

I really enjoyed having Brad and Curtis on today. And, I'm sure that if Bryan weren't stuck in Denver, he would have been fun too! I wish nothing but the best for the trio of brothers from Canada. They boys are more than welcome back to WBKR anytime, eh!