I am a HUGE tennis fan!  And, apparently, I am not alone.  I can truly sit in front of the television for hours and watch tennis.  And I do it nearly every day.  And I travel to professional tournaments as much as I can, sit there in the stands, and wrench my neck back and forth following the ball across the net and back and forth along the court.  It's a wonder I don't live inside a chiropractor's office. It's nice to know, however, someone else shares my die-hard love for the sport.  Even if they're a couple of cats.  WATCH!

That shrieking you hear, by the way, is NOT from the cats.  LOL!  That's Victoria Azarenka, the current world #1 in women's tennis.  She, like Maria Sharapova, is an insane GRUNTER!  Everytime she hits the ball she squeals like she is being mugged.  And that seems to get the cats' attention just as much as the ball.

I love these cats and they would LOVE my house and my television because it is ALWAYS on The Tennis Channel.  Of course, if they come live with me, I am going to have to name them.

Hmmmmm . . . let's see.  If they are girls, I'll name them Chrissy and Martina.  Or maybe Venus and Serena.  Boys?  Roger and Rafa!  Or Pete and Andre.  Maybe even John and Jimmy!