They are Maddie Marlowe and Tae Dye. They are Maddie & Tae, arguably country music's hottest new duo. They also may be the answer to the question "Can any other females besides Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, and Kimberly Perry crack the top ten?"

Well, they are well on their way as their debut single "Girl in a Country Song" has already made its way into the top 40.

The clever song, kind of a satire about the male-dominated country music industry at present, is garnering a lot of attention, as will that hilarious video.

Maybe this will crack open that floodgate for other female country stars. You know, it's interesting. The 90s were loaded with huge female artists, and in 1996, no less than NINE different females had a #1 hit.

I always wonder what is so different now? When I ask that question, it's suggested that maybe the 90s female artists were just collectively better than today's crop. But, then again, when those 90s female artists release anything new, they don't get any airplay, or at least not enough to chart.

I don't know. People change. Time change. And this is a conundrum that doesn't seem to have an answer.

Or, maybe, Maddie & Tae ARE that answer.