This was me last summer.  I parasailed for the first time while vacationing in Cancun and my friend Peter and I had a blast doing it, despite the fact that we realized, immediately into the journey, that we were being held aloft by what can best be described as a very sketchy-looking piece of rope.  Something about parasailing just doesn't seem very safe and that lesson was learned this week in Panama, where two teenagers were involved in a terrifying accident.  Check out this video.  But I have to warn you.  Some of these images are terrifying and the guy filming swears a lot.  But who wouldn't?

It's odd.  But while Peter and I were parasailing, we were actually planning our course of action in case the rope snapped.  And, by rope, I mean THIS rope.

Photo by Peter Hayes

It's no surprise really that accidents happen in parasailing.  And I am actually surprised we don't hear more stories like the one from Panama City earlier this week.  The young ladies in the video did survive, thankfully.  But Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild, both 17-years-old, remain in critical condition.  According to statements released by their families, Sidney suffered neck trauma and Alexis suffered major back injuries.  When their rope snapped, storm winds blew the pair into a condo, power lines and, ultimately cars parked in a nearby lot.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is leading the investigation.