I stumbled upon a website that lists 89 "life hacks" designed to make our lives easier. Me? I think "life hack" sounds bad...like a slang term for identity theft.

But it's all good.

I don't know where the term "life hack" originated but it apparently can be defined as "a helpful household hint."

The website viralnova.com lists 89 of these suckers and, I have to say, I was amazed. Of course, I'd be even more amazed if they actually worked.

Need to light a deep candle? Get some spaghetti. Need a stand for your smartphone or iPod so you can listen to music? Why, I'd grad some push pins and a toilet paper roll if I were you.

Want your pizza crust to be crisp when you pull it out of the microwave? You'll need water.

Yep, everything from the importance of keeping pool noodles in the garage to having pants hangers handy in the kitchen can be found here.

Of course, some of them might not work. And a borderline-annoying guy on YouTube has set out to see which ones (some covered at viralnova, some not) do and which ones don't.

See for yourself: