The recent cover of TIME magazine has people alittle uncomfortable. It is sparking a debate over how old is too old for breastfeeding. The little boy featured on the cover is three-years-old and still nursing. And, yes, this is a real mom with her actual son.

Twenty-six year-old Jamie Lynne Grumet and her three year-old son, Aram are proudly on the cover and he's apparently pretty thirsty.

*This photo is actually the mother nursing her son*

I nursed Carsyn until she was nine months-old. And, to be honest, the only reason I stopped is because she weaned herself. She was ready to be a big girl and do things on her own. And even though the initial process of breastfeeding was very hard on me (it's no where near as "natural" as those birthing class instructors say it is!), I got really attached to the connection she and I had during this time. It became my morning ritual and my wind-down time at night. But, I realized that when I stopped nursing her, I was sad because I didn't want to lose that connection with her. So, I can understand wanting to have that innocent connection with your child as long as possible, but c'mon...three years-old?!?

I understand that in some parts of the world, proper nutrition is hard to come by and breastfeeding is the best possible food source. But, here I'm pretty sure that some basic Prairie Farms with the blue top is just fine!

Then again, who am I to judge?!? To each his own, right? I just know that when Carsyn's thirsty she asks me for a sippy of her juicey. Not sure I want her referring to me like that, ha!

So, what do you think? How old is too old for breastfeeding?